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Aug 11, 2013 11:00am EDT
at the "washington post." and no one knows what's in store next. jeff bezos pays $250 million and takes over the news operation that took down a president. but can the guy who gave us the kindle give the news business a much-needed boost? >>> a new sports network is here, fox sports 1, with live sports like major league baseball. >> unbelievable! >> college football. ufc, college basketball, nascar and more. >> yes, espn has a new arch rival, thanks to rupert murdoch. we'll talk to the head of espn about how he plans to keep fox from scoring. >>> jon stewart still not here in a huge deal. he's actually being taken over by amazon ceo jeff bezos. >> and it's the biggest battle for late-night since leno and letterman or leno and conan. maybe jimmy and jimmy. now it's jon versus john. just a few weeks left in jon stewart's summer hiatus. i wonder if john oliver will find it difficult to hand back "the daily show." i'm brian stelter, and this is "reliable sources." >>> welcome to washington. what a head-spinning week it's been to the reporters in this town. for 80 years "the washington
Aug 25, 2013 8:00am PDT
like it in 50 years. the 1963 march on washington. >> now back to roger mudd. >> here at the lincoln memorial, the sight that is almost something no washingtonian has beheld. >> news reports from the march along with coverage of the civil rights movement helped change minds about the protesters and the fight to end segregation. we'll talk with the reporters who were there, including dan rather, who reported for cbs news and paul delaney, a founding member of the national association of black journalists. >>> plus "the new york times" says espn dropped its partnership with public tv's "front line" when the nfl objected to a documentary about head injuries. does this show the influence sports leagues have over sports journali journalism's biggest player? >>> and are you one of the movie goers that made this the top-grossing film last weekend? >> there he is. what's your name sdm. >> cecil gaines. >> i'm carter wilson, head butler. >> did you know the story of "the butler" began with one reporter's quest for the ultimate white house insider? we'll talk with the "washington post"'s wil h
Aug 18, 2013 8:00am PDT
threatened, being detained. one writer for "the washington post" was told by a police officer that if he saw her again, he would shoot her in the leg. look, at the end of the day, egypt is not a country that is known for being particularly friendly towards the media, especially the western media. >> well, we are so glad that you're safe. stay safe and thank you for joining us. >>> we'd like to turn to rajiv chandrasekaran, senior correspondent and cairo reporter for "the washington post" and in new york, sherif mansour, middle east and north african program coordinator for the committee to protect journalists. rajiv, this is so disturbing, this video. you have been bureau chief for "the washington post," you've covered the iraq war. do you feel that journalists are being specifically targeted now in a way that they were not before? >> well, i think there's a degree of immunity, if you will, that no longer cloaks journalists. some might accuse me of looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses, but a generation or so ago, particularly in the middle east, you would see journalists dr
Aug 4, 2013 8:00am PDT
celebrities are, you know, the politicians are celebrities of washington, d.c. so we do cover pop culture and stuff that happens. weiner is a national story. also with politicians, you always get their side of it or one side of it. what we like to do, and i know, jim, you guys do the same thing, you like to get into the other side of the story. sydney leathers, the young lady in this story, is interesting. whether or not she's a victim or was she a professional. we did a story about how she had been on these websites, these sugar daddy websites years before she met weiner so was she going after him or was he -- could he be the victim? look, it's new york, it's a mayoral candidate and it's one of the biggest cities with a ton of celebrities, so i just think it was such a big national story with so many levels, with the clintons and his wife coming out, we just had to cover it. >> jim, let me ask you, ratingswise, trafficwise when you look at your coverage of the anthony weiner story compared to everything else you all do, how does it stack up? is it ratings gold for you all? >> it's not ju
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)